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Asphalt Area & Weight Conversions

When purchasing asphalt material from a plant, knowing the quantity in weight can be beneficial to all parties. The conversion below assumes a consistent asphalt thickness. When using variable thickness, you will need to calculate average thickness first.


Refer to the units of measure table for additional data.
IN = inch
LB = pound
SR = spread rate (LB/SY/1″) — see explanation below
SY = square yard
TH = thickness (in inches)
TN = ton


Weight(TN) = area(SY) × thickness(IN) × spread rate(LB/SY/1″) ÷ 2000 LB/TN
Area(SY) = weight(TN) ÷ [thickness(IN) × spread rate(LB/SY/1″) ÷ 2000 LB/TN]

Input data: asphalt quantity (as area or weight), thickness, and spread rate.
Per the FDOT Basis of Estimates, use a spread rate of:
110 LB/SY per 1″ lift for superpave and friction course (FC‑9.5 and FC‑12.5).
106.67 LB/SY per 1″ lift for FC-5 friction course (all FC-5 is 0.75″ thick).
100 LB/SY per 1″ lift for miscellaneous asphalt pavement — under guardrail, at landscaped median ends, etc.

SY = sq. yd.
TH = in.
SR = LB/SY/1″
TN = tons